UKOTRF mission & goals

Building the evidence-base for the profession.

The UKOTRF aims to fulfil its mission of building an evidence-base in order to:

  • promote, maintain and restore health;
  • inform service design and delivery;
  • develop evidence-based occupational therapy practitioners; and
  • support the next generation of occupational therapy research leaders.


The four key goals of the UKOTRF are to:

  1. award research grants for projects to meet the identified research priorities of the profession
  2. develop occupational therapy research leaders
  3. build research capacity and capability to create a cadre of research-skilled occupational therapists
  4. obtain donations for grants to fund occupational therapy research.


UKOTRF funded projects - are they making an impact?

A study undertaken by Mandy Sainty, Research and Development Manager at the College of Occupational Therapists, has explored the impact of eight completed research projects funded by the UK Occupational Therapy Research Foundation. The assessment provided evidence of the impact of UKOTRF funded projects, but also identifies, in common with other studies, the inherent complexities of measuring impact: 


COT Annual Conference 2014 Poster:

A reference copy of the final report is available to BAOT members in the College of Occupational Therapists' Library.