Recruiting OTs for research

The College and its business groups receive requests from both individuals (who may or may not be members) and organisations for use of its membership database or mailing lists to access BAOT members for research or related pieces of work (for example to identify potential participants for a project).

In line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, and in the best interest of its members, the College does not permit use of these data sources to directly contact members with research recruitment information.
College Specialist Sections have defined areas of interest and expertise and, as such, can provide valuable support to researchers wishing to investigate a particular field of practice. Whilst wishing to support researchers who are looking for assistance, Specialists Sections may not always have the capacity to deal with all the enquiries they receive. The decision about who they can help, and the level of signposting or assistance they can offer, is the prerogative of the Specialist Section.
Further details can be found in the following briefing:


Professional networking/research participant recruitment 

If you are a BAOT member looking to recruit other members to participate in your research project you may wish to consider using the 'professional networking' section of OTnews to connect with the wider occupational therapy community. Alerting other BAOT members to your research activity via BAOT social media channels is also a possibility, subject to certain conditions being met.
For further information and guidance on using OTnews and BAOT social media to access participants please read:

Neither OTnews nor BAOT social media channels should form the primary means of accessing research participants.