Welsh Board & Policy Officer

The Welsh Board advises Council on issues relating to membership and policy in Wales

The Board is composed of eight members with a national overview

A COT/UNISON steward sits on the Welsh Board. All COT members in Wales elect a Council member for Wales who also sits on the Welsh Board as either Chair or Vice-Chair.

The Welsh Board is comprised of nine members:


Vacancies on the Welsh Board are published every January

Potential members of the Welsh Board are nominated for three year terms. Where more than one member is nominated for the same position elections take place which are open to all the members in a particular region. The dates of these elections are published at the same time as these vacancies in Occupational Therapy News (OTnews).

Ruth Crowder is the Welsh Policy Office

The Welsh Policy Officer supports the Welsh Board and is a representative of the British Association and College of Occupational Therapists. The Welsh Policy Officer focuses on consulting members and influencing national policy in relation to the National Assembly for Wales, advising the Welsh Board and the Professional Practice department within the College.

COT Wales Regional Committee supports and co-ordinates member activity around Wales

It will link with COT local groups to encourage and widen member participation in COT activities, for example, CPD events, meetings or improved communication. Every COT member is automatically allocated to a region of the COT with a regional committee.
The committee members are currently seeking ideas from members about what they want to see happen (see flier in delegate pack). It includes the web co-ordinator who manages the Welsh web pages and puts relevant information on the web and Career advisors who lead and co-ordinate the careers advice sessions in their area.