Scottish Board and Policy Officer

A review of the form and function of Council structures led to the restructure and reorganisation of all board arrangements and these changes have been implemented in Scotland

The Scottish Board ensures consistency with the three other country boards

The Scottish Board will meet three times a year.
In parallel with the other country boards, the Scottish Board role is:

  1. Policy: To consider policy and legislative changes (not including research and development or education and learning) that impact on the practice of occupational therapy and service users and provide a steer/advice for COT staff and member and report to Council on matters of key importance.
  2. Practice: Consider practice matters and emerging areas of practice to ensure that ethical and quality matters are addressed and identify where guidance for members may be required.
  3. Membership: To consider country-specific membership data, patterns and recruitment and retention initiatives that may require input from the Board.

The Board contributes a Scotland perspective to priority setting, planning, implementation and review of progress of BAOT/COT's Business Plan.

Board members:

  • Louise Watson


  • Fiona Warrender

    Vice Chair

  • Debbie Reilly

    UNISON Representative

  • Carrie Milligan

    Board Member

  • Kirstyn Anderson

    Board Member

  • Alison Keir

    Board Member

  • Kirsty Dewar

    Board Member

  • Linda Cruickshank

    Board Member

  • David McGlashan

    Board Member

  • Helen Griggs

    Co-opted Board Member


COT officers: