New graduates working overseas

With the growing interest and opportunities for newly qualified occupational therapists to begin their careers overseas, the world of OT is expanding for those graduating from BAOT/COT accredited courses which are recognised internationally

New graduates continue to seek opportunities that take them around the world to experience the culture, lifestyles and healthcare systems of many countries. All UK OT programmes are accedited by the College of Occupational Therapists. This means your occupational therapy degree is recognised by the World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT). You are eligible to apply to practice in the other WFOT affiliated countries.
For more information on WFOT affiliated countries and OT programmes visit:
The WFOT website includes information on the Professional Associations, Schools and registering bodies for licensure to practice within the various countries. BAOT members are also eligible to become members of the WFOT, a way to keep up to date on the promotion and changing practice of OT around the world.
Members of BAOT should email to join WFOT.

Keep up-to-date with OT in the UK and make your return to work in the UK easier

Deciding to work overseas requires many personal and professional considerations. BAOT recommends that you maintain links with the profession while overseas to ensure you keep up to date with the profession, should you return to practice in the UK.
BAOT offers overseas membership at a reduced rate, which allows you to access the BAOT website members' only material including jobs, publications and briefings, as well as receiving your monthly British Journal of Occupational Therapy (BJOT) and OTnews publications - wherever in the world you're practicing.
Maintaining your Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration is also highly recommended to ensure that you are able to practice in the UK without needing to go through the re-registration process.
To find out more about the HCPC and its re-registration process visit:

Resources to help you plan for work overseas


Join BAOT to participate in the international OT community

As a newly qualified OT you might be interested in the OT profession around the world but not want to work overseas. BAOT/COT actively contributes to international relationships which increase the global profile of the profession. BAOT also offers awards and bursaries towards international activities and professional development.
Or maybe a volunteer opportunity is what fits your ideals: