These leaflets explain how occupational therapy can help you or someone you know get the most from life despite accident, illness or ageing.

Occupational therapy and ageing well

Occupational therapists are health and social care professionals who help people
of all ages - babies, children, adults and older people - to carry out activities.

Occupational therapy and cancer related fatigue

Fatigue is a little recognised symptom of cancer, however when fatigue takes hold it can disruptive and distressing.
Occupational therapy can help you conserve and restore  your energy levels and enable you to cope with everyday living. 

Occupational therapy and children & young people

Outlines how occupational therapy can help babies, children and young people to
develop and thrive.  Focussing on the key occupations, self-care, education and play,
the leaflet is a useful and succinct guide for parents, family members, teachers and
anyone else who are likely to be working with  these age groups. 

Occupational therapy and Depression

If you are living with depression, an occupational therapist can support and guide you to manage your symptoms to help you lead a fulfilling life.

Occupational therapy and Employment

Work is good for you

It helps your physical and mental wellbeing by giving you a sense of worth.
However, if you are off work, it can be much harder to return,
especially if you are absent for a long period of time.