The Career Development Framework

Draft of the guiding principles for the Career Development Framework

We are asking you to share your thoughts on two things for this part of the work:

1. The process of mapping yourself into the Career Framework

We think that individuals, when mapping themselves, may be at different career levels for different pillars e.g. are not Level 6 for each pillar. Early testing supports this variation. We're asking you to map yourself and share the outcomes with us to test this thought. The specific information you give us will not be shared outside the project team and the survey remains anonymous.

2. The clarity of the wording within the principles for each level and the pillar

You may wish to review:
  1. All of the principles in all the levels and pillars
  3. All four pillars across one or two levels; 9 Levels:
  5. All the levels up and down one or two pillars:
The questionnaire is in two sections:
Section one will ask you:
  • To share your career levels per pillar
  • What surprised you / didn't surprise you about the mapping task?
  • How did you find the process?
Section Two will ask you:
  • Which sections you have reviewed (in order to help us identify the spread)
  • The level of clarity in the wording of the principles (rating scale)
  • Suggestions for alternatives (if appropriate)
To help us manage the alternative suggestions, please link them to the line numbers in the document containing the complete set of principles across all levels and pillars if possible.
Please do be as honest and constructive as you can and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:
Email: or contact me on Twitter: @setG75
Closing date 7th April