Membership FAQs

Frequently asked questions relating to membership of BAOT

How do I decide what type of membership is best for me?

Please read the following to find out the correct category of membership for you. A brief list of the membership benefits for each category can be found in the "Join Here" booklet or on the BAOT website.

  • Professional Membership

    You hold a professional qualification recognised by Council or have completed a period of training or actual practice as an occupational therapist as prescribed by Council. You are either registered with the Health Professions Council or be eligible for registration with the Health Professions Council and be resident in the UK. New Professional members receive 25% off their fees for the first year.


  • Student Membership

    You are enrolled on an occupational therapy pre-registration programme at a higher education institution (HEI) in the UK, OR are studying a College of Occupational Therapists (COT) recognised support worker qualification (with a BAOT student membership option).


  • Associate Membership

    You are engaged in work within the recognised definition of occupational therapy, but be ineligible for registration with the Health Professions Council. You are supervised in this work by an occupational therapist. New associate members receive 25% off their fees for the first year.


  • Self-Employed Membership

    As for Professional membership, but you should be wholly self-employed. A full definition can be found on the BAOT website or in the "Join Here" booklet.


  • Overseas Membership

    As for Professional membership, but you must be resident outside the UK.


  • Career Break Membership

    You are eligible for a discounted membership fee whilst taking a career break of up to one year.


  • Retired Membership

    You are an occupational therapist or support worker no longer actively employed in that role because of retirement at the statutory age, or any form of retirement recognised by employers.



How can I pay for my membership?

You can pay for your BAOT membership fees by:

  • monthly direct debit
  • cheque for the annual amount
  • credit/debit card for the annual amount

If you already pay by direct debit but wish to update your bank details please login and update your Account.
If you wish to pay by debit or credit card please print and return the following form.
Please ensure that you include your membership number on this form:


I have forgotten my BAOT membership number

We need to confirm who you are before giving out your membership number. If you need your membership number quickly telephone the membership administration department on 020 7450 2348.

I can't login to the website

Please allow up to 10 working days for your login to be setup from when your membership starts.
You can also view our guidance on log in problems.
If you still cannot log in, contact

What are the insurance benefits of membership?

Insurance benefits include professional indemnity, professional liability and product liability insurance up to a limit of £5 million. This covers you for claims first made in the UK or the EU. Professional indemnity covers any error, omissions or negligence.
As part of your BAOT membership you are covered by liability insurance that covers a variety of risks in respect of occupational therapy work. This will cover members except for private practice work where the total earnings in respect of gross fees are in excess of £1,500 in any one year. If you are self-employed and earn more than this it is advisable to effect further insurance. 


What are the industrial relations benefits of membership?

Industrial relation advice and assistance. This is a valued benefit offering full membership of BAOT/UNISON. It is not available to members outside the UK or to those who are solely self-employed in private practice. For Lecturers in Higher Education UNISON has agreed joint membership arrangements to provide an industrial relations service.

Do BAOT members get income tax relief on subscriptions?

You can apply for tax relief on 75% of your BAOT subscription at your highest marginal rate of tax.


How can I become a student member?

To become a BAOT student member register online on the National Student Database or Join online. Setting up your BAOT student membership will take you around 10 minutes to complete. Even if you do not need to pay for your membership, you still need to activate your membership. Become a student member online:


What if I wish to join without using the online joining form?

You can download and fill in the offline BAOT application form and then send it to our main office.