What do I do if I can’t login to the website?

I added my BT number and surname and still can't login

We are now asking members to login using an email and password, please update your account to allow you to login.

I went through the new login transition process on the site but did not receive a verification email. How can I verify my account?

Please make sure you have entered the email address correctly before clicking ‘Submit’. If you are not sure please feel free to try again through the same process.
On rare occasions the verification email that we send to you might drop into your spam/junk email folder by mistake. 
Please check this folder in your email account. If you cannot find it then you can request another verification email here.

I can't remember which email address I used as my username when I registered

You are able to change your email address if you have forgotten which email you assigned to your account. You can even overwrite the same email address it doesn’t matter.

I cannot login! I have updated my details, but I can’t login!

This could be one of a several problems issues:
• Double-check that you are entering the correct email and password.
• Passwords are case-sensitive so make sure your Caps Lock isn't on.
• Check that your browser security settings are allowing cookies on your machine. You must accept cookies from us in order to use the site.

Professional members

Please allow up to 15 working days for your login to be setup from when your membership starts. If you joined more than 15 working days ago, or still have problems logging in after including BT at the start of your membership number, please telephone the membership administration team on 020 7450 2348.

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