Library Literature Search

Expert literature searches by the Library team.


Skilled experienced librarians can carry out searches of major databases such as AMED, CINAHL, PsycINFO, HMIC, Social Policy & Practice, Medline, OTDBASE free of charge for professional and associate members only.

Search results, including titles and abstracts, are then returned by e-mail.

Literature searches are dealt with in order of receipt with a turnaround time of up to four weeks.

This service is not available to Members on award bearing academic courses such as BSc, MSc, PgDip because they are required to develop literature searching skills as part of education/training. If you need further advice regarding literature searching contact the librarian at your academic institution.

Literature search outputs

This selection of search outputs were produced in response to information requests from professional BAOT members in the last 2 years: view examples of previous literature searches here.

Tell us about your literature search needs:

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(Please note that if you have already carried out a literature search on the databases listed above it is not a constructive use of the Library's time to carry out a search using the same databases as we are unlikely to find any additional information)
(Please remember that the Library staff are not occupational therapists. The subject area needs to be explained as clearly as possible, with words written out in full, rather than using abbreviations. If we are not able to understand your explanation the form will be returned as we will not be able to carry out the search effectively).