The Library holds the national collection of Occupational Therapy literature to support members’ need for continuing professional development, evidence based practice and occupational therapy research.

The Collection includes: ebooks, ejournals, etheses, reference collections of Occupational Therapy literature, including books, government literature, COT publications, reports, journals, videos and grey literature.
Core sections of the Collection:

  • etheses (accessible through the library catalogue)
  • ejournals and ebooks relating to OT theory and practice
  • Print journal collection Key print OT journals held at the COT library include: British Journal of British Journal of Occupational Therapy; American Journal of Occupational Therapy; Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy; Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
  • Theses and reports - over 500 unpublished dissertations and work based evaluation reports produced by occupational therapists
  • ebooks - Direct access to a growing range of full text ebooks relevant to occupational therapy, with remote 24/7 access available free of charge to members. An initial set of 42 titles is now available for viewing.
  • Assessment and outcome measures collection - key assessment tools used by occupational therapists
  • Archive of the British Association of Occupational Therapists (BAOT) and the College
    of Occupational Therapists (COT) - showing the workings and development of the organisation since its inception


Library services and resources available to COT members

The leaflets below provide an outline of key library services and resources COT members can access, to help support evidence-based practice, service delivery, education, research and professional development


Suggest a book or journal for the COT Library and Information Service

The library always welcomes suggestions for the collection. To suggest a book or journal, please complete the form below and email to