COT Boards

COT Boards ensure communication between Council and College departments

The organization has two functional boards:

Each country within the UK also has a representative board:


Country Board vacancies 2017

2017 COT Board Membership opportunities

Country board membership is a valuable opportunity for COT members in practice to influence the profession and provide strategic leadership on matters related to policy, practice and membership.
It’s also a great CPD opportunity.
The boards' key roles are:

  • Providing strategic direction and leadership by advising on emerging issues and the implications these will have for the profession
  • Supporting the influencing of the country parliament/assembly, local government and other key stakeholders
  • Promoting the value of the unique contribution of occupational therapy to policy makers and stakeholders
  • Acting as ambassadors and agents of change
  • Supporting COT members

Boards normally meet three times a year within their country and travel expenses are reimbursed by COT. Term of office is three years commencing 20 June 2017.
This year there are the following vacancies:
England 2; Northern Ireland 3; Scotland 4; Wales 2.
For information please contact:

Application deadline: Friday 19 May 2017
BAOT/COT Council Casual Vacancies for: Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Casual members (for one year) need to be appointed on Council as no nominations were received for these seats during the election process. This is a unique opportunity to be involved at the highest level of the organisation to provide advice and expertise on issues in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Key points: 

  • The term of office starts at the AGM on 20 June 2017 and ends at the 2018 AGM
  • Candidates must be COT Professional Members in good standing who work and/or reside in Northern Ireland or Scotland and Wales
  • The post holder will also be Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Northern Ireland, Scottish or Welsh Board

Application deadline: Friday 28 April 2017.
For full details: or contact Dominique Le Marchand on 020 7450 2317 or email:
COT Boards have an advisory and an operational role in supporting the delivery of BAOT/COT Council's work plan and objectives in their particular area of expertise. They also provide a line of accountability for BAOT members through the members of the Board and directly to Council via their chairmen who each have a seat on Council.
COT Boards normally have 8 elected members who, in most cases, are BAOT members. Other expertise is sometimes added through co-option. They hold one day meetings three times a year and members' travel expenses are covered. Work is also ongoing between meetings.
Board members normally serve for a three year term of office and a variety of vacancies come up every year. Vacancies are advertised in OTnews for all members to consider and apply for. The Board chairmen are elected through the annual BAOT/COT Council election process, as the positions fall vacant.
Board membership provides an excellent opportunity for members to contribute their knowledge and experience in their chosen area of expertise and to influence the work of the organisation in this area. It also offers individuals an amazing opportunity to be involved in the professional community of occupational therapy at national level for the benefit of their own CPD and work.